Private Investment

After four years of financial advisory and investment experiences, Lighthouse Capital ranked the top financial institution serving the new economy in China.

Lighthouse Growth Fund expects to generate capital appreciation by leveraging the network with top GPs and entrepreneurs to invest in growth companies in Consumer Internet, Hardcore Tech and Industrial Internet sectors.The Fund can be the beneficiary of the very best investment banking in China, and its complementary portfolio management capabilities as well as rigorous risk compliance.?
The Fund shares growth and benefits with Chinese top 1% entrepreneurs in the new economy sector and achieves superior mid to long-term capital appreciation through proactive investment and value-added services. Compared to normal GPs, Lighthouse Capital can be the unique one that creates differentiated and complementary values to portfolio companies.

TOP1 Platform of Intra City Freight Transport in China
C, $100 million
Exclusive FA

Largest Instant Delivery in China
B/C/C+/D, $210 million
Exclusive FA

Leading Trading Platform for Fashion Products in China
A, $40 million
Exclusive FA

Leading Internet Company
Specializing in Takeaway Shared Kitchen Services in China
C, $50 million
Exclusive FA

Member-made Fresh Fruit Community Distribution Service Platform
B, $30 million
Exclusive FA

Leading Social Platform for the New Generation in China
B, $57 million
Exclusive FA

Online Social Media Information Reading Application Incubated by Qutoutiao
A, $14 million
Exclusive FA

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