Investment Banking

After four years of financial advisory and investment experiences,?
Lighthouse Capital ranked the top investment bank in the new economy in China.

Our dynamic advisory practice supports enterprises to achieve their strategic goals through our expertise
in Private Placement, M&A and IPO Planning.

Private Placement

We offer investment solutions for enterprises' ongoing financing through our wide coverage, in-depth research of industry, systematic value discovery methodology and professional execution. Through our extensive network, we integrate resources including strategic as well as financial investors.


We assist enterprises to evaluate potential targets as well as other financial and strategic alternatives. We advise on strategy, timing, structure, financing, pricing, and assist in negotiation and transaction. In addition, we act as a dealer-manager to assist in executions.

IPO Planning

We support enterprises to select suitable listing onshore and offshore sites and to plan the appropriate timing of listing. We provide guidance on preparation, advice on key decisions and equity underwriting in IPOs.

Global Largest Short Video Sharing Social Platform 
B/C/D, $280 million
Exclusive FA

Largest Video & Entertainment Platform in China
C/C+, $370 million
Exclusive FA

Emerging News APP in China
B, $200 million
IPO Exclusive FA & Follow On JBR in April 2019

Global Largest Android System
B, $100 million
Exclusive FA

Leading Online B2B Platform in China
B/B+/C, ¥1 billion 
Exclusive FA

Leading Bigdata Recruiting
SAAS in China
B/C, Several million USD
Exclusive FA

Largest Football Website
in China
B/C, ¥260 million
Exclusive FA

Top Smart Electric Automobile in China
B, $300 million
Exclusive FA

Leading Localized Internet Healthcare Platform in China
B, $27.3 million
Exclusive FA

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